What Causes UTI and How to Prevent It

Most probably, everyone is familiar with that awful burning sensation when you are having urinary tract infection or UTI. Some say it’s like a devil’s work. So protect yourself against it with some ways that every woman needs to know.

That very dreadful burning sensation that is slowly shutting down your entire system is absolutely the urinary tract infection. And unfortunately, it affects approximately 50 percent of us over our lifetimes. So, here are some refreshers on some helpful tips to protect you against it.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water will make you pee more and in a frequent manner, helping to wash off the bacteria down there.

Make it a habit to pee after sex

For some young women whose sex lives have just begun and becomes active, sex itself can actually cause UTI. Sometimes, the fact that there is no enough lubrication can cause irritation to the urethra, and the intercourse will then pulls the bacteria up in the urethra according to Dr. Felicia Lane, director of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery for the University of California, Irvine. She explained that peeing cleans out the urethra after intercourse. Eventually, the body will become used to having sex and the vagina becomes more elastic and familiar with warding off external bacteria. However, it would still be good if you would always take a trip to the bathroom after sex.

Practice front to back wipe

As taught by physicians right from our childhood to adulthood, always wipe from front to back to prevent the bacteria from your butt to spread into your vagina to urethra. Typically, the most common type of UTI is caused by E. coli bacteria or the bacteria the dwells on the skin and is found more in fecal matter and around the anus. So, just wipe it off the right way.

Take Vitamin C

It would be wise if you would get into the habit of taking Vitamin C to make sure that you get the right supplement. Since Vitamin C makes the urine more acidic, it can help in warding off bacteria that may be hanging around your urinary tract.

Drink cranberry

The amazing elements of cranberry can actually change the E. coli’s surface, losing its traction and make it impossible for the bacteria to bind to the urinary tract.

Let it go

Holding in your pee for too long would only give the bacteria a chance to thrive in your urinary tract. So let it go.

Avoid any feminine products with perfumes – and no douching

Absolutely, many of us are guilty of spoiling our vaginas with fresh-scented feminine products and douching. However, experts claimed that the vagina already has protective bacteria called lactobacillus to fight against infections. Thus, if you introduce unnatural cleaning agents, you are only increasing the chance of bacterial growth which can actually worsen foul odor in the vagina while upsetting the body’s balance. Dr. Lane further noted that a warm water and soap is already enough. Thus, we do not to use anything special for our vagina, she cited.

Meanwhile, if you have more than a couple of UTIs within six months or three in a year, it is highly recommended to see your gynecologist to assess if there is a more serious problem than a UTI.

Aizelle Joe