Wi-Fi is a Silent Killer that Slowly Leads Us to Death

In this modern age, everyone gets addicted to the internet. This is even made simpler now with the advent of Wi-Fi.

Since the advent of Wi-Fi, everyone can easily surf online anywhere at any time regardless the conditions. However, for the safety of its users, companies that produce the Wi-fi routers have to follow strict rule for the health towards its users. But still, some facts regarding the wireless devices safety on the Wi-Fi routers have been revealed.

According to studies, wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops and tablets emit WLAN signals or electromagnetic waves and they proceed to the router. Such loop signals are said to be unhealthy for us in many ways and the said fact was even confirmed by the British Health Agency, claiming that the signals harm both animals and humans.

Exposure to Wi-Fi leads to:

• Fatigue
• Focus problems
• Ear pains
• Frequent and harsh headaches
• Sleep problems

Unfortunately, we cannot change these things brought by the modern technology. Thus, we will not advise you to avoid internet all the time. But, at least we could be able to give you some good advice on how to reduce the bad effects of Wi-Fi.

• Turn of the Wi-Fi router before you sleep
• Do not keep the router in the kitchen or bedroom
• Use phones with cables to reduce the electro magnet waves
• Turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use to prevent electro magnet waves around children.

Aizelle Joe