Work Hard and Play Harder – The Life We All Deserve!

All work, no play makes life so dull, and so, I work hard and play harder! This is my own lifestyle and I am so much enjoying it! And now, I am sharing it for others to take time to realize and give at least a little time to unwind.

Who would have thought that someone like me who used to work all day as a full time office associate and a part time writer after office hours could have so much time to relax on weekends and most particularly on holidays, when special family gatherings take place.

Seeing me in front of my laptop all the time, people would often regard me as a workaholic nerd, but I just give them a silly smile in return since I can’t blame them. As part of my daily routine, I wake up early, prepare breakfast for the whole gang, get my girl ready for school, get myself ready for office, after office, time for me to spend some time for my part time job for an hour or two. Afterwards, I’ll have my daughter go over her notes and her home works. At around 7 or 8 o’clock in the evening we’re done. As for my spare time in the evening, I dedicate it to family time.

Believe it or not, on weekdays, I still have some quality time with my daughter and my husband, who is serving the military but still manages to come home every night before dinner since he has been fortunately assigned at a military camp just an hour drive from home, so you may expect loud voices and giggles during dinner at home every night.

On weekends, I see to it that I have already eliminated workloads on weekdays so I can have plenty of time doing my household chores such as home cleaning, and of course cooking, while I already hired someone to do the laundry for me since it’s taking most of my time on weekends.

Cooking is my passion. In fact, even on weekdays, I still manage to cook when I want to despite my hectic work schedules. On weekends, I cook whatever the whole gang request as a reward because lucky enough, my husband values family time as well, so weekends absolutely mean family time for us.

Also, on weekends, I make sure that I could also have my “me time” where I can have my nails pampered, a trip to salon, malls and groceries. Let me tell you a secret, I love arcade games! While I am in my late twenties and my husband is in his early thirties, we both enjoy playing arcade games with our 7-year-old daughter.

On Sundays, whatever we have on our agendas, church time never comes out of our schedules and has to be the priority. I believe that God has put me into this situated where I can be able to balance work and family, and enjoy life at every moment. Thus, I am so grateful for that.

On holidays, since I am workaholic freak, meaning I have enough to support my interests particularly on long weekends and holidays. Eating, dining out and going into places or hanging out with family and friends make me so happy. For me, this is life! After all the hard work, holidays are the perfect time to reward myself! This is the life I deserve!

Aizelle Joe