You May Be Suffering from Depression If You Recognize These Symptoms

Depression is a common but serious mental health issue. However, many of us don’t understand what depression looks like. In fact, some people don’t even know they have depression.

Extreme sadness, lack of interest in things you previously love, lack of energy and having awfully low self-esteem are just few of the most common signs and symptoms of depression. It also causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think and handle your daily life, particularly stress.

Unfortunately, this mental condition often comes unnoticed. In fact, a person may be suffering from depression without even knowing it. But how can you really say that you are suffering from it. Read through these other symptoms of depression if they sound familiar to you.

The Zombie Mode

It is easy to assume that a person is suffering from depression when he or she shows signs of extreme sadness and lack of motivation or interest. In some worst cases, depression can even cause a person to feel no emotions at all. They exhibit coldness or absent stance towards certain situations that would normally cause sadness or joy to them. According to Health Central, such total lack of attention or the so-called zombie effect is a clear symptom of depression.

Engagement in Social Networks

In a study made by the Journal of Clinical and Social Psychology, it was revealed that there is a close ties between social network addiction and depression. Specifically, the said research tackled about the amount of time people devote on Facebook and other social media sites. Apparently, people with increased rates of depression tend to rely on social media as an escape from the real world or to fill the emptiness brought by lack of real life interaction. Moreover, it was also discovered that excessive use of Facebook and other social media sites often causes people with depression to compare their lives with the portrayed “perfect” lives of others on social media.

Sensitive to Rejection

Of course nobody wants rejection, but if you feel extremely sensitive to denial, then there must be something wrong. In a previous article published by WebMD regarding depression, it claimed that the people who suffer from clinical depression tend to react more intense to rejections, which often results in serious problems in their daily lives.

Extreme Difficulty in Decision-making

It is just normal to have a hard time in making decision like which dress or shoes to wear, what food to eat or what show to watch, Also, that feeling of being distracted alt the time is normal. However, according to Psychology Today, having extreme difficulty in making everyday decisions is a clear sign of depression.

Blaming Yourself for Everything

People who suffer from depression also suffer from low self-esteem. They often have a tendency to generalize other external situations and then reflect them on their own personal self-worth. In other words, if something went wrong, they would undoubtedly blame themselves.


Some people with depression tend to cover their depression by over immersing themselves into work. Eventually, they become obsessed with their careers or with something like a hobby or a goal. Well, this might be a good thing somehow as some people with this condition has the ability to handle their situations by distracting themselves.

Generally, depression can have a huge impact on the people’s life. However, proper diagnosis and support from other people can be a big help. Thus, it is very important to determine its symptoms.

If you recognize any or all of the said symptoms personally, and you suspect that you may be suffering from depression, immediately seek help from the professionals. Bear in mind that depression in not a sign of weakness. It is something you can eventually overcome with the right help of health professionals.

Aizelle Joe