Your Husband is Happily Married If You See these Signs

Do you really want to know if your husband is happily married? Read this check list and see if you’re doing well. If he does it all, or at least some, then be grateful for it.

Most definitely, every wife wishes her husband to find happiness in their marriage. So, here are the signs that indicate that your husband is happily married.

He kisses you

He greets you with a kiss in the morning, before he leave for work and when he comes home for dinner. But – it’s not the quick kind of kiss, it’s the lips-to-lips and body-hugging kind of kiss, the lingering type that lets you know that he is glad to be home with you again after a long day. This is indeed a sure sign that he is happily married.

He contacts you

When he goes away on work, he won’t last a day without contacting you to let you know how he misses you. A husband who is genuinely happy always misses his wife when he is away from home even just for a single day. A happily married husband always wants to be with his wife. He can’t wait to get home when he leave. He says endearing things over the phone when he is away and he means every word of it. You are a hundred percent sure he stays faithful to you even when you are physically apart.

He says “I love you”

It is very unusual or maybe hard for a man to say “I love you” to a woman. Thus, if your husband tells you he loves you and he say it in every single day, then he must really mean it. A happily married husband always tells you he loves you because he wants you to know it. He always says it because he feels so deeply in love with you every day. And, he would always say it if he knew that it matters to you to hear those words.

He gives a helping hand

A happily married husband gives a helping hand. He seeks ways to at least lighten your workloads at home and he does his share or even more than his share in the household chores, particularly when you are not feeling well. He is more than willing to participate in making your home an enticing place to be. He also helps in teaching your children to do the same. He understands that raising the children isn’t just the wife’s job, it is his too. To sum it all, he is an active participant in creating a harmonious home for his happy family.

He complements you

He complements you, in whatever you do. You have his attention. You often catch him starring at you. He just can’t help it and never get tired of glancing at you. He is hooked with you. He still thinks that you are beautiful despite the changes your body may have gone over the years. In fact, he doesn’t even see that flaws that you see in yourself. He is head over hills with you.

He comforts you

He holds you when you cry and wipe your tears away. He is always there for you in times of heartbreaks, disappointments and failures. He may not be perfect at understanding, but tries his best to understand what you are going through during hard times. He tries hard to understand your emotions and even your tantrums. Just don’t ignore his comforting.

Open-heart sharing

If your husband truly loves you, he will share his dreams and sorrows with you. It is not easy for a man to do this. So, it is important for him to know that he can tell you such things without seeing you falling apart, and that you’ll also keep his confidence. When you think he’s willing to open up and share, and he tells you his dreams and plans for the future, he is certain that you will listen and that you would care. He actually sees you as his personal cheerleader. He is also pretty sure that your love for him is deep enough that you will understand and would care to know about his disappointments. A happily married man can easily do this.

If you recognize these signs, be grateful and enjoy all the goodness that your husband has to give. Make him your top priority so you’ll surely see all these signs of a happily married husband in him.

Aizelle Joe