Your New Reasons to Visit Masungi Georeserve

If you are searching for a great weekend destination just near the metro, Masungi Georeserve is no doubt one of the most perfect getaways for you.

Masungi Georeserve’s rustic rock garden concealed in the rain forest of Rizal is a very popular conservation area near the metro.

As of present, you must be very familiar with its ‘duyan’ or the giant rope hammock and ‘sapot’ or spider wed-style viewing platform which have been very popular on social media.

However, behind its uplifting scenery lies a deep message of conservation. Masungi Georeserve is devoted to the conservation of land, heritage and biodiversity through research, geo-tourism as well as the development of the local communities surrounding the Masungi Georeserve.

Moreover, locals aim to influence more tourist destinations to protect the country’s natural landscape through responsible and yet sustainable tourism. In fact, they just launched some new trail features this year, providing nature-lovers more reasons to visit the geo-reserve.


‘Bayawak’ or the tagalog term for monitor lizard is a vertical rope course shaped like a monitor lizard. Trail guests will have to crawl like lizards as they climb up and down the rope course bordered with a lizard’s silky and slender body. So far, ‘Bayawak’ is the most favorite rope course taken by those who are more physically fit and adventurous since it poses a challenging climb.

Barangay Dahon

Barangay Dahon or the tagalog term for village leaves is an area which showcases a collection of hammocks and swings inspired by various leaves and fruits that can be found within the georeserve. Following the tiring walk from the ‘Bayawak’, you can just sit back and relax and catch the forest breeze while enjoying the revitalizing surroundings. Several hammocks here in the ‘Barangay Dahon’ can even carry at least two or more people.



‘Sawa’ or the tagalog term for python is a long circular hanging bridge that is safely walled by nets and ropes. As for the handicapped and elderly visitors who wish to experience nature tripping, ‘Sawa’ provides a quick shortcut to avoid the rest of the challenging courses. Guests can roam around the belly of the giant beast hanging in the forest to get back to the starting point of the trail. It serves as an easy escape hatch once you get too tired to finish the trail.


Silayan is one of the most exciting new attractions in the geo-reserve. It is a sustainable restaurant that aims to help local farmers and producers around the area. It serves local and native cuisine inspired the Masungi Georeserve’s landscape. In fact, ingredients of the food they serve are all sourced within the 20-kilometer vicinity of the geo-reserve. It makes use of the livestocks locally sourced from the municipality of Baras and then garnished with local herbs harvested from their own greenhouse. Even the red, black and purple organic heirloom rice are likewise sourced right from local farmers, while fresh fruit shakes are obtained from the Kanlungan Farm.

One of the renowned local dishes they offer here in Silayan is their special version of Sinigang which uses their native ‘katmon’, a local fruit they use as souring agent.

According to resources, the restaurant is so far open exclusively for confirmed trail guests only and reservations are required at least three days before visit.

Aizelle Joe