How to Correctly Answer that “Tell Me About Yourself” Job Interview Question

Still remember the first time you hear the words “Tell me about yourself” – words that seems so easy but until present many are clueless about how to correctly answer that question.

As it seemed, the words “Tell me about yourself,” sounds so casual but in reality, it made our hearts felt like trembling since we aren’t sure about how to correctly answer it.

Apparently, the words “Tell me about yourself,” is an employer’s way of easing applicants, establishing relationship and learning about all the important things you missed out of your resume – and not an invitation to spill too much information about your autobiography.

If you would tell the whole thing about your family and hobbies, you are definitely missing the exact point of the question.

As simple as the words it might seem, you need to be able to relate your answers with the job you are applying for. In fact, it is your best chance to express to the hiring manager why you are the best applicant for the job.

One trick I’ve learned upon reading useful materials is the Present – Past – Future formula. First, tell what you are doing for your company right now, and then talk about the experiences you have encountered and the skills you have mastered from your past employment, and eventually finish your answer by talking about the future. Say what you can offer to the company and what makes you more excited about.

Moreover, telling stories and personalizing your short speech can help bring the employer at ease, so avoid reciting what is already written on your resume.

Aizelle Joe